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Great Leaders Recognize Great Talent

As I approach my 40th year on this Earth, I find myself reflecting over my past adventures, accomplishments, and of course mistakes. I've had the privilege of traveling the globe, serving my country and learning first hand the bond of brotherhood that only comes during a time of war. I have also had the opportunity to be the personal server for Charles R. Schwab, Nelson Doubleday, Johnny Colgate, and the Merril & Lynch Families during my time at the Piping Rock Club. 

Great leaders share many great qualities, however the one that always stood out to me was the ability to recognize talent in those around them. If you weren't raised in an environment which reenforced ingenuity and encouraged risk then you're in the majority. Most of society frowns on those who think outside the box, and encourages conformity. Consequently, in my opinion, many of our future leaders end up on the wrong side of the accepted normal, suffering greatly for it.

I believe that the commodity of great leaders are on the decline. For this reason I believe it is imperative that those who are in positions of leadership today develop their skills, and their vision, to include recognizing new talent, and helping to develop it. If you have been struggling in this area, feel down on yourself for not being recognized, or feel that you don't have the support you really need to get to that next level take heart, you're in great company. Know that the fact that you have not been recognized yet, does not mean you're not worthy. Rather we're just upside down in the supply and demand of great leaders. While you are waiting for your great discovery, you would do yourself well, as well as those behind you who will soon be in your shoes, to begin to develop the leader within. One who is able to recognize great talent in others. Being proactive will not only help you be the leader this world so desperately needs, but will also help educate you in how to properly position yourself to be seen by the few great leaders alive today.

"Self mastery is the greatest journey on which one can embark."

- Joseph James

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