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Family Trip 2015

With summer winding down and only a few moments left to share with the kids before they go back to school, Gianna & I decided to escape the 115 degree Scottsdale summer, and once again head north to Sedona. 

The kids got their first experience in the beautiful Tlaquepaque shopping center, which if you've never been, is like taking a time machine back to old Italy. Truth be told, I've only been to Rome, so I don't know what part of Italy this might look like, and I certainly have never been to old Italy outside of movies I've seen, but I think you'll get my meaning. 

One of the highlights of the trip for me, was getting to teach Angela how to use my Canon Mark II camera. At 8 years old, her ability to understand the dynamics of F-stops, ISO, & shutter speed, as well as cropping, composition, and depth of field was incredible! I was so impressed and inspired that I am seriously considering starting a photography workshop for kids...Canon if you're reading, I could use a sponsorship ;)