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Joseph James

A native of New York, Joseph James had to travel a world away to get his unique start in photography. Already a seasoned model, stage and screen actor, and professional dancer; Joseph James found his true calling while serving our country in Iraq, capturing the stories of American soldiers with his camera.

Inspired by visual storytelling, and with over twenty years experience in front of the camera acting as a catalyst, he found his new home behind the lens in Scottsdale, Arizona. Since then some of his clients have included: ABC, Remy Martin, Bravo TV, Liberty Mutual, BMW, and Spike TV. He can also be spotted as a photographer, red carpet host, and sponsor at esteemed fashion events across the country, including New York Fashion Week, Miss America, and film festivals nationwide.

He is acclaimed for his sultry contemporary style, which has garnered both critical and commercial recognition. Most notably, his visually striking images have deemed him a master of both lines and lighting. James’ vision and ability to paint evocative stories that speak of the human essence and bold empowerment have left him recognized as one of the most influential modern-day cinematographers.


Featured in Arizona Foothills Magazine 2014

Vogue New Exposure Selection 2013

NY Times Iraq War Photojournalist 2006


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